All great journeys begin with a vision. For CARTER & WHITE, that vision was to give birth to a prestigious Middle Eastern brand that would appeal to the most discerning individuals. We wanted to create products that were at the pinnacle of luxury and refinement, combining sublime comfort with timeless tailoring – and an impeccable attention to detail.

Our journey took us far and wide, until we finally arrived in Egypt to seek out the famed Giza cotton. It was then that the story of CARTER & WHITE truly began, and a special label was born.


The famously hot and humid climate of the GCC – where summer temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius – means that physical comfort is essential for individual wellbeing. At CARTER & WHITE, this means sourcing material that offers superior quality and peerless strength, with an unbelievably soft core.

After more than two years of relentless research, we discovered Giza Egyptian cotton – the most revered and highly graded cotton fibre of them all. Amongst its myriad varieties, the Giza crop with its extra-long staple fibres is considered the best of the best in the world today. Its superior length makes fine yarn without compromising its strength. This yarn is then woven into plush cotton fabric.

Much of the Giza crop is concentrated along the banks of The Nile River on one of the most fertile areas known to man. Grown in the land of the Pharaohs, this cotton crop breathes royalty befitting kings. Amongst all the Egyptian cottons, Giza is one that is considered the crème de la crème, with its longest, thinnest, and strongest fibres – as well as the best uniformity index grade at 88.5. This means the irregularities are minimal and it therefore produces a wonderful silky smooth look and feel.

CARTER & WHITE source materials undergo a long, detailed process where our technicians analyse hundreds of samples to make sure only the best is selected. The cotton is tested in phases to ensure it is truly of premium grade – we make no exceptions whatsoever in this.


CARTER & WHITE is an ultra-premium brand and our customers come to us for both quality and endurance.

While fabrics made of the finest Egyptian Cotton are softer and feel wonderful, they not only last longer than any other cotton in the world, but also hold up through years of constant washing, keeping their colour intact. This also means they will constantly drape nicely on the body and never lose their shape.

Thus, Carter & White products are made to last.


CARTER & WHITE’s wide range of products are considered works of art. We take our commitment to delivering beautiful, luxurious products very seriously – which also translates through to our stunning and unique packaging.

Made from luxurious materials, exquisite detailing and elegant engravings, Carter & White packaging features beautiful imagery that was delicately and personally designed by very talented artists to help tell our story.

Receiving a package from us becomes an occasion – a moment of pure pleasure. We deliver happiness, and that is what our clientele now refers to as the “CARTER & WHITE experience”.