Sustainability is at the heart of all our collections at Carter & White. As the world looks to ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact through consuming more consciously, we are continuing to ensure our garments are timeless collectibles; classic, tailored, and ageless in design.

Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly, so there’s no surprise this topic is at the forefront of trade conversations, considering the fashion industry currently accounts for roughly 10% of all global carbon dioxide emissions.

The focus around sustainable fashion has continued to grow as industry leaders made pledges for change at COP26, accelerated material innovation and began to explore circularity. With COP27 in Egypt underway, there’s hope that progress on the accords made towards the Paris Climate Change Agreement goals will continue to be in focus.

Carter & White encourages conscious consumerism by ensuring the pieces in your wardrobe are designed with the highest-grade natural fibres, ensuring both wearability and durability. AW22 sees a collection inspired by the balance between the sand dunes of the desert and sharp lines of the city in which it was born.

A key feature of the AW22 collection is the presence of Alpaca fibre, which is a valuable and cultural commodity that comes in more than 22 natural colours, ultimately minimizing the impact on the environment that’s associated with dyeing processes. Structurally, alpaca fibres are hollow and have unique bio-thermal properties that make it possible to wear alpaca clothing all year round, making it a seasonless wardrobe staple.

Another of our bio-friendly materials is cashmere, which is naturally shed by Himalayan dwelling goats and Carter & White looks to support its animal-friendly acquisition.  Our iconic 100% pure Egyptian Cotton fabric, Giza 45, is a biodegradable staple throughout our collections and is grown in the region close to the Nile, which creates a natural irrigation system for farming. It is the world’s most highly graded cotton fibre and has a natural sheen that gives fabric a rich, silky appearance.

Due to its unique properties, history, and deeper meaning, we continue to source the best environmental options, putting precedence on creating a sustainable luxury journey for our discerning clientele and support the sustainability efforts for our planet.

November 23, 2022