At Carter & White, we use nothing but 100% cotton to produce shirts, socks and men’s underwear.

Customer comfort is of utmost importance to us.  Serving the GCC countries, where most of the customers experience
hot desert climate, was a major concern. To source the best materials has been essential, as comfort and supreme quality
had to be always kept in mind.

Hence, 100% cotton is our best friend at Carter & White especially because of the hot climate
where temperatures soar up to 50 degree Celsius. With Carter & White, the materials undergo a long and extensive process
to make sure the best is selected for the customers.

Not only does Cotton prove to be best for Summers but it is also durable due to its long & fine threads.

Egyptian  Cotton used for Men’s Shirts, Undershirts & Underwear specifically, gives a guarantee of ease, comfort & durability.
Being absolute state of the art, Giza Cotton is extra fine & extra-long, therefore the rarest in the world.

The supreme quality materials & impeccable craftmanship, makes Carter & White’s products considered a work of art.
Our mission has essentially been to serve the finest, luxurious & stunning products for all.


Extraordinaire Stretch Cotton Trunks crafted with
world’s most premium cotton
for a perfect fit & comfort.


Exquisitely soft Cotton Undershirt.
Using 80-thread count 100% Giza Cotton
for ultimate comfort.